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तुमने मेरे अंदर कॉफ़ी शॉप में जाने के लिए दरवाज़ा खोला । तुम्हारी कातिलाना मुस्कान, जो की तुम मुझे बार बार मार रहे थे । बोलते हुए तुम्हारे गालों पर डिंपल पड़ रहे थे , मैं तुम्हे देखकर हैरान थी । ऐसा सुन्दर चेहरा, कैसे कोई नहीं रीझा तुम पर या ये कोई चाल है ?

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I am reminded of your face, that darn cute face, with deep brown eyes to die for. I am still infatuated at the first sight of you. Such a delight.

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तुम्हारी हाँ सुनने के बाद सातवें आसमान पर था मैं । प्यार हो गया था तुमसे । जानता ही नहीं था ऐसा भी होता है प्यार में, न दिन न रात न सुबह न शाम कुछ नहीं कटता । तुम्हें देखे बिना मैं रह नहीं पाता था । थोड़ी सी भी दूरी सहन नहीं होती थी । हर पल, हर वक़्त बस तेरे संग रहने को तड़पता रहता था । तुम्हारी आवाज़ जैसे मेरा संगीत , कुछ और नहीं सुहाता था । जाने कैसा नशा सा था, बेसब्री , बेहद और बेहताशा इश्क़ ।

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To be in love, to be constant, to be someone’s speed dial, to be someone’s fingerprint sensor on their phone, to be their heart, to be their comfort, to be someone’s first thought, to be someone’s last phone call, to be the most important part of their day. Someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, someone to share your day with, someone to grab those midnight dessert cravings with.

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Right One

She is looking at me and I knew at that moment, she is the one I have always wanted. It was her charm, it was her. I am sure, I have never been so sure about anyone, or anything in my life. I grab her, and she looks at me, kissing on my lips. I savor her defiant mouth!

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I see her dancing, her body swaying to the rhythms, her soft hair flowing down her neck to full-bosomed red hoodie, moving to her little face movements, her shoulders doing the enticing dance. Samar holds her and they both are kissing each other.

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It’s Complicated

it’s almost a week later Shrutkirti caught my eye. It was her laugh, her carefree laugh. I haven’t seen someone laugh full of heart. She is wearing a white salwar suit, her hair are tied into this messy ponytail, fringes around her face. She is wearing two layered oxidized antique jewelry in her ear and has black rimmed glasses on. Her nose is pierced where she is wearing a round oxidized nose ring. She stares at her screen as I leave.

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We start talking, and he takes me to the dance floor, we dance and I look at him seductively. We make our way out of the pub and I sit behind him kissing him on the ear keeping my hands on his chest wearing bikers jacket clinging to him. His Royal Enfield rushing at the extreme.

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Hot Chocolate

I take a deep breath and a smoke cloud forms as I breathe and sip my hot chocolate whose aroma smells creamy and delectable. You are looking at me and I can see you looking at me, even though I am not looking at you, and I shiver.

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I decline the salacious offer and you stuff your face in the pillow and again your face rises a little, watching me with your side eyes pretending to look out the window. I see your eyes looking at my army cargo shorts and I know you are hungry!