I see him at the pub, and our eyes meet. He looks hot, and he is having company. I look at his friend and decide to stick to Mr. Ruffled Hair.

I am alone and I go upstairs to use the restroom. A few moments later, I come downstairs as he is going up now. I smile at him, and he is upstairs now looking at my green crop top. I turn my neck to look at him, and he looks at me temptingly.

A few moments later

He buys me a drink and introduces himself

“I am Ritvik!” he looks at me raising his drink at me,

“Avisha” I smile raising the drink!

We start talking, and he takes me to the dance floor, we dance and I look at him seductively. We make our way out of the pub and I sit behind him kissing him on the ear keeping my hands on his chest wearing bikers jacket clinging to him. His Royal Enfield rushing at the extreme.

We are enraged as he lures me to his bedroom. He removes my crop top and I unzip his jacket, unbutton his shirt kissing him all over and my fingers running all over him sensuously. He is breathing slow and his heartbeats are pumped up as I kiss him rough and deep.

We hook up that night and I end up having the best drunk night of my life as I leave him asleep and naked on his bed looking for my heels. I book a cab and leave and find his friend probably his roommate sleeping out on the couch.

A few days later

I am looking for a new job since the last six months and I finally get appointed to the new position as the Marketing Manager in the tech giant InvoPro. I am excited for this new milestone and I have to move to a new city.

I have to join the very next month, so I start hunting for the new place to rent online on the internet. I find a cool place to shift before I begin my new phase of life. I go out to celebrate with my gang at a restro bar and I see Ritvik hanging out with a cool chic. We see each other and we wave at each other.

I can see your eyes all pumped to be in bed with Ms. Backless. I enjoy and I leave.

The Big Day

I join, and I am super excited to join the team. My Team Lead introducing us to all the members as he shows me my desk. I sit on my desk in the bay and all the team members greet me for the new journey and I notice that seat behind me is vacant in the bay. The name reads Ritvik Ahuja.

I fire up my MacBook and I can’t find my login credentials. I look towards my right and I see you walking with your hand in the hair, wearing the G shock watch, coming to fill the vacant seat behind me, filling up the air with your supernumerary fresh deo.

You and I stare at each other for a glance and you raise your eyebrows as you welcome me as well.

“Avisha Saha” I greet him surprisingly keeping my expressions neutral.

“Welcome to the team Avisha, I’ll be your coach for the first few weeks here, and then you can pick up from there!”

My Manager Shaurya stops by for us to collaborate and assigns me my login credentials and speaks to Ritvik to assist me for a smooth onboarding as he assigns him my buddy!

Ritvik agrees, and I am uncomfortable working around him, I keep my pugnacity on. I am a competent hard-working woman, my one-night stands doesn’t define me in my workplace, but I am attracted towards you. It becomes hard in the few very first moments as I am unable to concentrate. I look at you with the corner of my eyes and you are casually working, and giggling with the co workers.

3 Hours later

You ask me for a coffee break. I come along with you and you show me the coffee place in the office. You make my coffee as well, we climb downstairs and you take me to a peculiar place by the window where the outside office park view with the bright sunny day is visible. I see the Metro line and frequent metro trips outside, with the trees shining in the broad daylight and swinging to the airflow. We sit on the wooden window sill, as you sip your coffee. I can see your chest through your shirt, you look hot and your unbuttoned shirt is just short of four more buttons to be ripped apart and take you on to bed.

You are speaking something, and I am just imagining you in bed hiding my face in coffee cup. You speak again

“Avisha!” I look at you with my face clueless about whatever you said, and I try keeping a straight professional face on.

“See it’s cool, I am not judging you. We are colleagues, we can get past it.”

Ha, look who is talking who hooks up with everyone at the bar! I think about the last time I saw you trying hard to get into the pants of Ms. Backless.

You make me comfortable as I talk to you and you tell me about the team. I am no more drawn towards you and as we go back up, I see Ms Backless coming towards you! You are apparently dating her, I can tell from your smile. I go back alone and you stay back with her.

I find myself stalking Ms Backless instead of working on my newly assigned MacBook. Kisha Khanna. She is hot! I wonder why I don’t date girls.

3 Months pass by

I am frustrated with the deadlines and work pressure. I can’t bear the constant nagging of the Manager and everyone, working in the middle of the night, it starts taking toll on my life. I don’t party anymore. It’s been two rough months without getting laid.

I enter the office early and probably the last one leaving, work never ends, meetings, drafts, calls, endless presentations, clients blowing up, and I am tired. I come to the office early to find no one except you sitting on the desk.

You greet me warmly and I respond sulkily. You instantly ask me concerned

“What happened Avi?” I look at you and can’t help but tears roll down my eyes.

“Lets go have some coffee” I walk along telling you everything about my plight. You are supportive and you calm me down, telling me how the same things have happened to you.

I feel better that day and as I walk home, I look at you laughing with your friends. Vividly. I look at you again to save your perfect laughing face in my heart.

3 more months pass by

It’s your birthday. I have been waiting for it since we connected and became good friends. Whenever Kisha is not around, you eat with me and have tea with me. I enjoy our tea breaks and not to look too much interested I hide my feelings and ignore your flirty talks.

I have your number, I am awake and its 12am . I can’t decide if I should call or wish you in the office itself. I sleep on it and I decide to wish you in the office only. I reach the office and I bought you chocolates.

I wait for you to turn up and you are on leave instead. I immediately regret bringing chocolates for the one-night stand turned office colleague friend attachment!

I eat them alone missing you. So I call you up that evening and you are panting on the phone, having sex and your voice is pumped up. I feel yucky calling you and throw away the rest of the chocolate.

I wish you the next day and as I wish you your birthday, you are extremely happy and you let me in on your secret. You were about to leave the organization and you found another job in the city you always wanted to go.

I listen to you as I process the information. I move my lips surprised and I congratulate you on this new big thing. You are so happy, I switch off my thoughts and I enact a happy face, gulping down my despair and you’re going away, leaving. I take a deep breath as you type your resignation letter. I ask you for the treat and you ask me to meet you outside for the tea break.

I slowly get up your desk and make my way to the restroom and I couldn’t believe this news would hit me so hard. I lock myself inside and I cry. Realizing it is the end. You are going away. I cry and as my tears roll down, unable to breathe, I open my mouth in despair and my phone flashes your text message

Waiting on the tea stall.”

I wipe my tears and I meet you at the tea stall. You are so excited telling me about your next big break, and I want to capture every expression of your face in my heart. I shut it down, I hide it all away.

♩ ♪Don’t wanna say bye playing

1 week goes by and it’s your farewell party, the end. I click millions pictures of you and it’s hard to say goodbye.

I leave the party before you can even see me because I don’t want to bid goodbye. My heart cries, as I wipe away the tears in my eyes, looking towards the sky, because they don’t stop and as I board my cab way back, tears find their way back on the cheeks. I cry holding your farewell gift in my hand.

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