Better With You

I look at her, and she is surfboarding on the ocean surface. Playing with the sea waves, clear water and white sand beneath. I have my sunglasses on, so I keep looking at her. Among the swell and trough her body riding the plunging sea waves like a heartthrob. I look around and find everyone looking at her sleek body riding like a master of red surfboard, commanding the splashes. She looks extremely hot raising the temperatures.

My eyes don’t leave her perfect bikini body and her wet hair sticking to her naked back. She walks out of the ocean dewy and holding her surfboard. Sand sticking to her feet and each eyes looking her way.

She ridges her surfboard in the sand and the soft edge fin of the surf board faces the bright sunny sky. Surfboard is custom-made of fiberglass and foam with her name CARA written in the capitals.

Cara grabs her culottes and wear them over her swimsuit. She looks at me staring at her, opening her drinking water bottle pouring water over her face. I look away towards the ocean, and she walks up to the surfboard picking it up and coming towards me. I see people looking at her butt cheeks visible through her sarong as she is walking with sand all over her legs.

I sip my beer as I enjoy looking at her with Mason. She walks past me and I gather my towel on which I am laying putting it up my shoulders and shaking off the sand in my hair and in my beach boy shorts.

“Have a good time Jake” says Mason

I follow her. She drops off her board at the panel outside her sea facing quarters.

Her body is tanned and glowing. I enter her room shutting the door behind us, she is roused as she removes the draped culottes. I grab her, and she is kissing me while entering her shower. I wonder what is going on in her mind and I look at her.

There is a brief pause!

What happened? Why is he looking at me, shall I remove my swimsuit or is he going to? Oh no, is he just ruining the moment by looking at me.

I remove my swimsuit, and he is still looking at me, all the eyeing at my body suddenly stops. I am naked and I hold him kissing again on his lips. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me slowly, lovingly.

He moves the shower knob and water starts drenching me with the lukewarm water. Droplets running through both our bare bodies, and we are kissing each other. He holds me against the wall, I am all soaked and with his body pressed against mine. His heartbeats rushing, his lips kissing me slowly, tongue moving in my mouth, his hand on the wall holding my hand, my other hand moving through his hair, his other hand grabs my waist, his fingers moving up my waist, making my humid skin goose flesh.

His fingers work their way up to my breast, and he holds them, making me push him a little while I am kissing him back, and he pushes me back against the wall, moving his hand up, his thumb near my ear and fingers wrapped behind the neck.

I cling to him, and he pulls me in the shower, leaving my mouth and kissing my ear lobe, behind my neck. Water running down my hair, on my lips where you just kissed and my mouth open in arousal. Your hands working their way through my back, my goose pimples go away and my legs are enfolded around yours. You lean in to kiss my chin, my neck and down to my breast. My hands around your neck and you lift me up. My legs around you and you kiss my bosom. I moan and you move down to the belly button and you move back up to my lips, leaving me from your embrace and I take charge.

I hold both your hands against the walls near the shower knob and I kiss you. You are surprised. I lean on my toes and I kiss your forehead, your eyes, your beautiful lashes all showery, you move to touch my lips and I kiss you on your cheeks, moving to your earlobe, you like it.

My bare chest touching and caressing your ripped body. You breathe stimulated. I put my lips over your nose, you move your lips to touch mine but I move to kiss your cheeks moving down to your neck. I kiss you slow on your neck and I nibble beneath your ear, leaving your hands and placing them over your chest against the wall. I touch your nipples with my tongue and suck them, one by one. You moan and I kiss them softly. You put your hands in my hair, and I am going down on you and you pull me up and you kiss me hard pulling me closer, and I am clinging to you and you turn off the shower.

You lift me up again, kissing me passionately and hard. You throw me back in the bed and make me moan, and I want you now, all of you, and I am raging as we get pumped up. You are swiving and you bury your head in my hair leaving me breathless. You lay down beside me and your finger is stuck in my hair in your engagement ring.

I look at you and you carefully remove the ring, without hurting my hair strands. You take my hands and kiss them, and you kiss them again on my ring.

Marrying you have been the best decision of my life. I laugh and I hug you close on the sheets looking at the bright blue ocean from the room across.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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