Last Meeting

I am sitting behind the driver’s seat, and you drive. Watching you drive has been my newfound hobby. You look lovely and somehow I find it difficult to take my eyes off of you.

I keep watching you through the reflection in the car door window pane and all I can think about is to hold your hand, run my fingers through your hair and just kiss you all over. I just want to come over put a peck over your cheeks and kiss you deeply, feeling your lips in my mouth. I just keep imagining how your lips would touch mine and I could finally feel you breathing with every inch and soul, filled with my love.

I rest my head over the driver’s backseat, trying to be in close proximity, to hear the sound of your heart, to feel your heartbeats driving, do they feel the same way about me, as I have been feeling? I want to keep looking at you, touch you, hold you in my arms and all I can think of being with you is how to get hold of you. How to peek at you and steal a moment, that fiery moment of me obsessively in love with you.

I look outside and see a car passing by, a small kid embracing the lovely windy breeze, her hair fluttering and impeccable pure smile in the curve of the lips. I could see her closed eyes smile and in that moment I wish I could feel the same happiness as her. I look towards you from the sides and I see you smile and staring out your window. You caught that moment, a beautiful one.

How could a beautiful soul miss such a delicate moment, yours was the most beautiful of all. I wish I could watch such beautiful little things with you. I rest my head over the seat again, trying to feel how would it feel to wrap you in my arms.

To feel all that you feel with my own heart, to feel your warmth. I just wish and kiss the driver’s seat, hoping it would reach you, for making me as happy as the little girl I just saw. I want to see you but I can’t. That precious smile of yours. Caught a little glimpse of it, forever imprinted in my heart.

I am lost in thoughts of you, your faces throughout the day, your words make me smile out of now where and I hide behind the intermittent light and darkness of the street lights. I giggle and laugh to myself looking outside to the fabulous night view with you.

A little touch of your hand, holding my wrist, not letting me do anything, taking my needs above you, every time I look at you I feel a little more love, a little more affection, a little more trust, a little more desire, and a whole new world who is ready to welcome me with the most generous gestures ever.

I am so in love with you, I can’t tell you enough. I have seen ways you have been and how you sheepishly smile and do things you don’t do for anyone.

We eat and you sweetly serve me, I am floored. You have taken my heart so many times, I wonder how much is this limitless sea of love, I keep drowning and once I swim, more love pours in. This feeling or emotion isn’t love, this is something else, love has been the most underrated feeling ever, I wish you could touch my heart and walk down the lanes of my thoughts, they are colored with you. I want to be crazy, stupid, and head over heels in love with you. I want to do something for you that you may never forget.

I just wish and here you drive, doing and telling me your love languages, filling me with love, more love each day. How am I supposed to contain all this love? My soul is intoxicated, it basks in your fragrance, it yearns for your warmth, it needs you all the time.

I go up the sunroof and feel a little sad. I think about you going away, not been able to say to you how much I love you, hoping you would understand.

Why my heart, face, and every inch of me can’t say that I love you so so much. Why cant these strong emotions find words? What is wrong with me, I do want to say, and my mind is all covered with you, little parts of you, everywhere inside me. I look for words and I find you, your pretty face and there are no words. I wish I can just kiss you so that you’d know the taste of my love and that I love you. Insanely!

The night is young and my favorite songs whip up.

Song Playing

I listen to the songs looking at you, all those feelings, all those words, all those lovely tunes. I wish I could owe them to you, sing for you. They say whatever I hold dear in my heart for you.

Listening to them I just imagine your face in front of me, feeling all love, your hands in mine. My fingers over your face, your smile, my hands round your neck, looking into your eyes, touching your forehead and thanking the stars to have given me you, kissing you on your soft lips and to end this young night in your embrace and finally be able to say.. those magical words I have been weaving in my head.

I muster up the courage and seeing your eyes makes me forget what I wanted to say, they make me lovesick. Spending the entire day with you and then missing another week without you, my heart cries and it wants to just go sit with you on the way back and start another romantic memory of being with you. I lost my heart in you, I wish it finds you and loves you well.

You leave me, and this night takes you away from me. I miss you and I cry. Nights without you are dreadful, I reminiscence your loving face and I cant be sad enough.

Maybe someday I can say, and you would believe me, maybe someday is near, maybe it’s too far, maybe it never comes but I will always love you with my entire heart. I love you so much…. until I can finally say it to you.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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