I am sitting in my room, under the blanket, looking out at the beautiful blue morning sky, there are feathery little white clouds and cool breeze playing with the window curtain. I see a little birdie sitting on the tree branch reaching my window and it shakes off the feathers making the leaves flutter from the branches.

I drink my morning coffee, lazily on Sunday afternoon.

“Avantika, Avantikaaaa” my annoying flatmate is knocking. I pretend to be asleep. I stay still and don’t move.

She keeps on knocking, thud getting louder! I am irked by the constant knocking and infuriated for destroying my beautiful morning view.

I open the door, shrinking my eyebrows, looking at her like a she hulk!

“Avantika, avantika” she calms me down placing both her hands on my shoulders!

“I have made plans for us” she says making a face that knows how many dates fixed by her has ended being a disaster.

“We are going out. You have 1 hour to get ready. “ She is foraging my cabinet of clothes.

“Wear Red or orange and Don’t wear jeans, pick a dress! We will get you a boyfriend!” she is excited!

I throw her out of my room to finish my morning coffee in peace. I shut the door, and she shouts “Wear some make-up!”

I roll my eyes incensed as I sip my coffee.

Sun rays are coming through the window, gold dust floating in the air, shadows and lights of the rays peeking through the glass. I smile as I drown in the ocean of golden light, my eyelashes making little circles of light filled with millions of rainbows upon my lashes.

I was lonely and a hopeless romantic. I went out on different dates with different people, tinder, bumble, truly madly and what not. It never worked out. I never went out on a date with a single guy twice. I even found guy’s taking a break from their relationships, found marriage proposals on dates, guess what I was the desperate one, found people looking for kiss, sex, hugs, photoshoots collab, even went out with a girl once, she was alone and also wanted me to pay for the entire date!

I also have not been a perfect one! Who knows what I might have been missing! Well Alisha and Jiyansh, I call him Jay, is what I have been missing, I am in awe of their chemistry. I have seen hundreds of couples. Well this is what you see when you are single and desperate.

I take shower with the Body Shop shower gel, I love the fragrance, who knows I might get lucky tonight. I wondered, even after going on more than 20+ failure dates, how come I have not lost my hope, really am desperate. Yes I met 20 people and no one could really pass my test.

I am blow drying my hair in the towel brushing my teeth, singing a song I forever waited to sing to my perfect date and to be boyfriend, with whom I will have the perfect chemistry!

“Kiss me under the light of thousand stars!
Place your hand on my bare heart”

I am dancing to meet someone new, and after I have been stood up by the dates set up by Alisha, we made a pact. She will never tell me who it was, and we will go on a double date whenever she is my wing woman!

Oh! Yes and I really liked Brian, but we wanted different things, so it didn’t work out.

I put on the peachy orange ombre dress and I look gorgeous. It has beautiful heart neck and off shoulder appeal. I call out to Alisha, she zips the dress and puts on my eyeliner. I pair it up with a pair of white strap heels, and a set of minimal jewelry with my initials A.

We step out to the beautiful day. Jay really liked to try cool café’s around. We are into the city outskirts, and this place is lush green, with the open house area as well.

As soon as I enter, I hear a melodious voice. There is live music by duo singing upstairs in the seating area. I walk upstairs and the interiors of the place take me away. The wooden stairway filled with little flowers, wrapped into the arm rest along, with the exquisite aesthetics of the floral incarnations of the different pot sized plants and objects.

I see blue, pink, purple, hot red blossomed petals and little green leaves all along draping from the ceiling distracting me by their aroma. I am looking at those little divine messengers of god, with the voice notes keeping me hooked. I enter the floor and I find the duo singing sitting on the band stage area.

Guy singing looks drop dead gorgeous and more than looking gorgeous he is singing beautifully, I am floored!

I follow Alisha and Jay towards our table. The duo finishes their song and the hall is filled with the cheerful laughter, claps and I clap along. I turn towards Alisha and Jay, who are busy behind the menu, deciding what to order.

“Hi, I am Reyansh” pause “Hi I am June” speaks the duo, “We are done with the live song session. We will be now taking requests from the crowd, we have this cute colorful notepad, you can jot down your request and the person you are dedicating the song too, and we’ll play. ”

I see people writing their choices and folding the colorful bookmarks closing and dropping into a large glass fish bowl.

I am still waiting for my date, and there is no sign of him I text message Alisha

“Dude, where is he? Alteast tell me the name!” I look at her across the table, rolling eyes at her.

“Oh you like Reyansh, don’t you, despo!” she texts me back riled.

I blush from the screen, nodding in disagreement, he is way out of the league. I look at the jar getting filled with song requests, Reyansh is looking at his cellphone.

I search up his Instagram, he is not hard to find, and I follow him, he is having a lot of guitar covers, has cute pictures and I scroll through his Instagram, as I see a popup from Alisha.

“His Name starts with R!” My heart skips a beat.

Did she set me up with the hottest guy ever! OMG I am excited. My eyes lit up and I secretly wish it’s him. Where did she find such cool guys, and still loves Jay? How? Love really is blind!

I am hungry and there is no sign of Mr. R. or he is just sitting in the band area of the café. It’s impossible, a guy having thousands of Instagram followers, girls must be crushing over for him. How can he be the one?

As soon as the time passes, I am getting more and more sure that it’s him, we are being served with our order.

“What’s wrong?” I send another text to Alisha.

“Dude, he is here, coming upstairs, you should not have made the pact! Now deal with it.” She looks at me and text back.

My heart sinks a little and I make a sad face at Alisha, it’s not Reyansh.

The duo is back to singing the request as they pick up the colored chits with the request entered by the people sitting in the café. It’s full on the Sunday evening. I look around and people are talking happily, indulged in food. Reyansh strumming his guitar and June back to the melodious numbers.

♪♪ I’ll play you this tune
Maybe I can get you over the moon
Ocean Tide playing

I look at Alisha and Jay. They are what I want. To be in love, to be constant, to be someone’s speed dial, to be someone’s fingerprint sensor on their phone, to be their heart, to be their comfort, to be someone’s first thought, to be someone’s last phone call, to be the most important part of their day.

Someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, someone to share your day with, someone to grab those midnight dessert cravings with.

I am pissed at my date. I don’t want to spoil their date, so I just get up and show myself around, I stand by the window side, looking out of the café to the plush greenery outside.

I see a guy rushing inside the café, he is wearing a denim jacket, white T-shirt, and he just about to enter the café, just when he checks his pocket for the phone and all of a sudden rushes back to his Harley-Davidson. It’s a gray colored Street Rod. I look at him, picking up the flower bouquet off the bike front, I am enticed! There are tulips in the bouquet. I look at him smelling the tulips, smiling a little brushing off the little one’s with his hands.

Its modern day dating, who brings flowers? Oh, well I just assumed, he is meeting me! Well flowers nice! He is an old school, may be hopeless romantic just like me, looking for something more. How many heartthrobs will I have to pass today?

I wait for him to come upstairs, and play my dice over to all the tables, who is he here for? I play my dice for table number 7 having three girls and a guy and for table number 5 with two girls, and also for table number 11 where there is just a guy! Secretly hoping he is here for me.

He opens the door and my heart skips a beat. I see him entering and picking an empty table, he puts down the tulips and his bike helmet, makes his way towards the restroom. He looks hot.

He makes his way back clapping to the end of the song June just sang. I clap as well, staring at him, making my stare less subtle. My dice goes wrong, his date or girlfriend or boyfriend is yet to arrive! I look away, observing him from the corner of my eyes, and he goes over to Reyansh and shakes his hand warmly, he requests a song I guess, and is back at the table.

Oh, my heart goes for a spiral, looking at two hot handsome young men together! What a sight!

Reyansh speaks “Here is a request from Ridit to play a song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran for her blind date! I hope you like it Avantika!” I look around the audience cheering and my ears turns red with such a sweet gesture.

Ridit, tulips, and my favorite song earlier from the shower today.

♪♪ People fall in love in mysterious ways!

I look at Alisha, she is looking at me jealous, the way I have been looking at Jay and her. I walk towards Ridit, trying to hide my ear to ear smile with my hands, and he looks at me, handing me the tulips. I am ineffably nervous.

I am standing there, holding the tulips, thinking what to do. My cheeks are red, and I am unable to hide my spirits. You hold my hand and you take me out of the café. I feel overwhelmed. You look at me

“Ready to go?”

Well I have been in love with the way you caressed those tulips, what do you want me to say next. I nod to your question and I think maybe I am getting lucky tonight after all!

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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