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Butter Scotch

I am counting days, while I just love you from miles apart, longing each moment for you, being with you, being near you, praying for you to be mine, and never going away. My heart cries and my eyes just listen to it, unable to respond, why has this distance crept in?

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Has it ever happened to you, something totally unexpected made your day?
Thanks to all those lovely people who make your day better just by being in it. To all those who do something, that no one does, they make you feel cherished 🙂

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अधूरी बातें

अधूरी बातें , Adhuri baatein.
अधूरी बातें
एक बेहद अजीज मित्र की कलम से पढ़िए एक खूबसूरत गीत,
Presenting a heartfelt piece penned down by one of my dearest friend. Hope you like it as much as I did.

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What happens when someone you loved, comes back into your life? We all have been broken, shattered and left by someone we thought we loved. What if we could have them back? Ever wondered will your heart still love them the same, the million pieces of our heart heal over time and still, the scars bleed afresh when something triggers us against them.

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I am staring into the blank air, listening to the sounds of my breath. The swing squeaks as I float sitting over the flat gapped iron rods beneath me. I am thinking about meeting you this morning when we were standing outside the cafe and how there was a sudden thunder rumbling before it rained.

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लॉक डाउन की एक अधूरी सी प्रेम कहानी।
जब चाहत कैसी समझ न पाए , दिल कहीं और हैं,पर फिर भी किसी से मिल जाये ? कैसा धोखेबाज़ है दिल , जो करीब है उसी का हो जाये, कभी रूबरू हुए हैं ऐसी बेबुनियाद चाहतों से?

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The Purple Flower

I have fallen in love with you, every time I look at you I fall more than the day before, your eyes, I feel the love on the edge and then, I see a sensible person, away from this love enthusiasm.

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The Beginning

I look into your eyes they are lit up. It has been days since I saw you. I wish to hold you, hug you close to tell you how much I have missed you

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The Middle

What if we could rewrite a few things in our life, what would you like to do then? Would you ask out the person you liked?

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The End

What happens when you fall in love, when your love falls in love with you but then, what happens next, how does your heart feels?
Does it feels the same? Does it feels liberated, are you happy?
Or are you overwhelmed, do you feel your love going intense?