Bare Foot

I am working dull as usual and I am lost in your thoughts, and just when I think, this love is making me conquered and that it is so overrated and I have been acting out so baby lately I fall more in love with your sweet little gestures.

I receive a huge mail from you, I am looking at it with my eyes wide open, Oh my Gosh!! What is it? My heartbeats are racing, and I am having a little love attack, what is it, I look for a little privacy to open up it up. I look for the paper cutter and very precisely, controlling my heartbeats I open the mail. I am unable to breathe, I close the mail and I go sit outside on the chair, breathing the early fresh morning air. I open up the envelope, sent to me three days ago.

I open it up and I find my ink-printed love letters beautifully copied on the paper, for a moment I am unable to recognize my handwriting. I look inside and find a beautiful colored picture of us sitting and laughing with our gorgeous smiles on, I can’t remember what was so funny, why were we laughing? I look at the picture and I am taken back to the lovely memories of having spent time with you amongst the mountains. So beautiful, beneath the blue sky, greenery, and cold weather, you sitting so close. I am missing you tremendously, Why have you sent me this mail. I am caressing the picture with my hand that looks a little faded towards the corner, I flip it and I smile

“Low on ink, High on LOve.” I am blushing a little, my heartbeats are racing, and maybe no one can tell but I am all red. I am feeling this sudden love bubble rush, your gorgeous face in front of my eyes, I remember you and your face that night, your sweet voice, your presence, I miss you so much that sudden moment. It has been days since I saw you. I look inside the envelope and there are love letters inside it, dated to the day since we last met. My eyes are full of love and as I read them, I am so touched by the things you have written for me, the soft delicate expressions of love, that immense gratitude and little observations. I am engulfed in all the moments spent with you.

My eyes are teary and I am holding those love letters, filled with your pure feelings close to my heart and I sit there for a moment, drowning in the ocean of your warmth and intimacy. I am speechless, staring into the blank, I wipe away the little tear and I kiss your beautiful words for me and keep them carefully inside.

I pick up my phone to call you and tell you, how much all of this means to me, I have almost dialled your number on my phone when I realized, it’s too early to wake you up and so I disconnect the call. I come back inside and I re-read the letters, feeling all rushed, can’t wait to tell you that I have this mail with me. While I want to hug you so close, see you right now, I am sitting here in the house instead, with you miles away.

I wish I can come to see you right now, oh wait what’s stopping me, I can go and see you at this very moment. I immediately get enthusiastic and a few hours later you will be in front of my eyes. I leave and holding your letter close to my heart, I walk on the roads, on the subway, upstairs, downstairs, walking, running, boarding, deboarding, in the bus thinking about telling you today that I love you so much, and I have never ever told you in person, how much do I love you, how crazy I am about you.

I finally reach near your place and I call you, to see you. Hours after, feeling so much, for you and I see you, your adorable face and cutesy cheeks with coffee in your hands, you are overjoyed, what do I do?

You walk outside towards me, so close, more closely, and my eyes are finally reposed seeing you here and you extend your warm hands towards me, and I instead pull your flushed cheeks, caressing you and you blush. Your hand goes back, and you look at the mail, you are so unprepared and I am equally nervous, and I am aloud, expressing my disbelief at your winsome lovable gestures, my happiness knows no bounds. We talk and you go inside to bring your little furry friend, so adorable, but less delightful than you, I look at you coming towards me, holding that furball in your hands, you love these little bunch of tail waging creatures. You caress him and while I am just able to shake his hands, I am more inclined in holding yours.

You take me along, giving me a respite from the scorching heat of the sun and you were growing impatient, about when would I get this mail, about my reaction, my response. I am ecstatic and I give you all the gory details, and just when we reach the place where we first met for our first date, I blurt out about how much I love you, and your face, on the roads, all shy, all wonderful and makes me want to kiss you all over, you respond me back and though I want to hold you I hug the letters from you instead closer to myself.

I would never forget that moment, we share that casual funny laughter of me being a nervous wreck and so in love with you, and to seal our love together forever we travel to the holy reliquary, to the divine, to seek blessing for our love to be immortal forever with each other, and as I enter with you, touching the marble with the hands to my head, I feel complete, as if you were destined to be mine, and I to be yours.

We walk inside the holy sanctum, the door closes, and the chosen people in the relic service recite the solemn prayer. I stand beside you, comprehending what does this means, and of all the things I have ever wanted in my life, I pray for you. Of all the difficulties, obstructions, and intricacies I have in my life, I have nothing in my mind, I just have you, in my prayers, in my wishes, in my vows, I stand there and I beg for you, like nothing else matters in this whole wide world, no one. All my life crises seem so small in front of you.

I look at you and you look at me for a tiny little moment and I look away, being scared, you might not know, I am so smitten by you, I look at your hands, joined your headgear and your innocence. I look at the people praying there for their loved ones, for their people, for someone they see their whole life in, I see it in you. I walk with you outside towards the pond. I look at the lovely fishes with you, with splendid colors, just like the hues you have added to my dull life, I look at them and I look at you, remembering a famous love story and similarly I see my divine soul in you.

As we walk out, I remember your delightful face, sitting with me all through the waiting line, looking at me, talking to me, and I am lost in your eyes. While you eat the blessed food, and you tell me, how you have never been to the religious shrine before and the only time you ever stepped over was to play and we share a moment of a laugh. As we eat together we mark our very first being to a place like this. I see you smile and my heart flutters.

Your eyes make me wonder, makes me want to keep looking at you, love you so much, and be in your embrace always, and while I am lost in you, I grab you close with my hands, and with your arms around mine, while we get snapped to cherish this memory forever, I hope the love to never die, your voice, your face, your kindness, your generosity, your everything is a treasure that I always want to find on days like this, where I can hold you close, and be yours forever and always. I miss you so much. I love you so much. Happy 7th my Love.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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