Coffee Date 5

I looked behind and near him looking for his love interest. But no one was around So I assumed that he was alone.

“So, how are you here?”  I said comfortably and without any thoughts going in my mind.

“Oh I got a job offer at IndiaMart in Delhi, So will be working with this company now!”  he told me walking towards the exit holding his trolley with me.

What the fuck. Not again! Holy crap. 

I was dumbfounded and I didn’t react. He expected me to congratulate him but I couldn’t. Instead, I had an outburst right there and then at the airport.

“How on earth you can’t stop following me Siddharth? What the hell is your problem? Why you always have to follow me wherever I go? Why you are always there, where I have to be? Why don’t you leave me alone? What on earth do you want from me? “

He is struck and looking at me with his mouth wide opened.

“Hey what happened, is everything okay? Are you alright?” He was very sweet and comforting in spite of the loud, noisy scene I have created there at the airport.

“What’s the matter? What happened? Tell me?” He said very genuinely and I melted.

“Siddharth. I am also offered the job with IndiaMart and I can’t… ” My voice trailed off.

I was looking at my trolley and I didn’t know what to say and years of feelings hidden in the corner came to eyes and spread on cheeks like a waterfall of the first rain.

“… I don’t want to be around you” 

“Had I known you would also be here, I wouldn’t have come in the first place”

“Everywhere I go, everything I do why it is always you?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you and just when I move on, you are there pulling me back? Why can’t you see me happy? Why Siddharth why?”

I didn’t notice him and I kept speaking holding my trolley and my inner goddess is sat around the corner kidnapped by my heart who has shut her mouth and letting it’s feelings come out in very awkward absurd manner.

“I can’t do anything and I don’t know anything, it .. it .. it just hurts knowing that I like you and I have to live with this fact in front of you. It is a nightmare Siddharth. Please leave me alone.”

I looked up and he was looking at me, and I was there vulnerable all drowned and drenched in the rain of feelings that my heart hid for these years. His expressions unreadable.

He was obviously married or was about to be married, I looked at his hands and saw rings. The engagement one of course.

I walked outside the airport, clearing my face and abusing myself for the weird kind of luck I had.

I booked my cab and left. I had my joining for IndiaMart the next day and I was all soaked up and drained from the journey and Siddharth.

All my hopes and thoughts were in a static phase for the whole day and my inner goddess went silent for the very first time.

Next First Day At IndiaMart.

I was at the office and I filled the details at the HR department completed the formalities and there I saw Siddharth and his fiance/wife Swati in the conference room. Swati was wearing a very Crisp formal shirt which was tight and a pencil skirt. She was wearing an ID card, she already worked here. That is how my bad luck is connected. She got him here.

In the conference room. There was a brief introduction about the company and everything I was introduced to the three new employees who joined with me out of them one was Siddharth.

“Miss Oonnissha,”  said the HR Roy and apparently corrected himself after seeing my looks. “Is this the correct way to say your name?”

Before I could speak, Siddharth started explaining my name.

Woah I am famous. My inner goddess finally came to life.

Everybody in the room started laughing and HR Roy commented “Nice name, So you people worked together?” 

I guess I wasn’t allowed to speak as Siddharth was too excited to give all the details.Ha, excited!

And after the project allocation, my bad luck was very satisfied and Happy because we would be working on the one same project and here he is all the day with me and Swati being around making it worse.

And knowing that he knows the situation could have never been worse.

My Bad luck was very fortunate, it seems to have been in action since the day I was born and had not missed a chance to screw me up.

I am a mature person, I can deal with that. I laughed at myself and went to my desk, the new desk. On the desk were two colorful sticky notes.

On one was written “Welcome to IndiaMart”

and on the other “I hope u can make it to  the Cafeteria in Costa Coffee today at 4.. Siddharth”

I plucked out the sticky note and I went to Siddharth’s seat and pasted the sticky note along with a comment below.

“This seat does not belong to Swati”

and my inner goddess screamed in joy.. he did come that day to the coffee cafe four years ago.

I was filled with sudden happiness and joy.  

I eagerly waited for Siddharth to come and continue the sticky note conversation. Instead of the sticky note, he came to me and smiled. His sympathy smile!

His smile isn’t that killing as it was before. I looked at him again and blah there was no awesome damn smile that I used to go crazy for.

“I waited for you at the cafe that day, I liked you from the moment we met”

My inner goddess was overjoyed and was finally happy, though she was against the idea that he liked me back.

“So what now?” I asked him raising my eyebrows.

Umm, let us go for the Coffee. He took me to the coffee house up on the third floor of the IndiaMART building.

I sat there all in my attitude and not showing a slight bit of interest in him. Ha. Siddharth what does he thinks he is?

 We sat there with the coffee and he looked at me in my eyes, deep stimulating the waters of the horizon to meet the sky and making me look back with the same intense gaze.

“I would have pursued you if you would have been there that day,”  he said nodding his head.

But he was so desperate he pursued Swati, my inner goddess is smirking and hilariously laughing. But my heart is astound with his gaze.

“Swati and you aren’t married yet? It’s been a year.”  I asked in a sarcastic tone, Oh so u liked me and are getting married to Swati or already are. My inner goddess is so over him.

After a long pause.

“Swati was never my fiance!”

“What?”  I looked at his hand and taking his hand in mine, u do have an engagement ring this one, …

“1sha, there was never an invitation card, no one in the office knew? There was no news about my marriage anywhere. How could you believe that? marriage is not the private affair is it?”

Oh crap. I never thought about this, why didn’t I?

“You introduced me her as a fiance and you were holding hands.” I said in the most obdurate manner.

“Just to know what do u feel about me?”

And now I am sitting there like I was a pityful soul these four years.

“So what did you infer that day when you made me meet your so called fiance?”

“You asked for a party straight away without asking anything about me and Swati. So I accepted the fact that you were not into me and also you never came for coffee”

“Oh that was because you never had a follow up on your offer!”  I said annoyed.

He got up from the table and holding my hand in his bent on one knee asked me

“Well would you like to go on a coffee date with me Mam?”

With that oh so crap smile and that damn smile and that awesome smile. I got up from the table and he stood up. I hugged him close and said.

“We already are at our first one!” 

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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