Coffee Date 4

I did nothing at the office that day and after office went back for some outing with my college friends in a nearby Mall.

I ran into Siddharth an hour later in the same mall having dinner at the Bouquet Mughlai Lazeez. He saw me and waved, I ignored and pretended as if I don’t know who he is.

Why would I ignore him? Because I was jealous! Jealous why? I should be happy I ran into him everywhere I go! well…. 

He was there with a girl. I thought it would be easy to ignore but he and the girl with him came to me and he introduced me this questionable smart and more beautiful girl than me…..what every girl is beautiful!!

“Hey 1sha, how are you?” he said in a very excited tone!

“Ohh, umm… Hi, Siddharth! um.. How are you here?” I pretended not to stammer and to look as if I don’t give a damn and tried acting surprised and oh I was so busy to notice you.

I am so cool. ha, my inner goddess smirked at me for making fool of myself.

So now comes the most awaited moment… THE GIRL! Who is she?

They were holding hands and were quite close.Oh God, not his girlfriend! 

“Meet my Fiance Swati!” And a beautiful smile with a hand came forward to meet mine.

WTF? What? NO, Wait, what? what did he just say? How old am I? Did he just say He was getting married? WTH!

I was surprised and was struck by with a thunderbolt what the hell is he speaking?

I shook her hand, smiling.

“Congratulations!”  I nodded seeing them both. “There is gonna be a big party that I need” I faked my surprise into over joyous excitement while my inner goddess was laughing hilariously at my reaction.


“um. My friends are waiting, I have to go”  I said smiling and in haste, they had eaten I guess and were leaving.

I was shocked beyond expectations and thought isn’t it too soon to get married? It seemed to me she was his love interest and they probably had an arranged cum love marriage.

Today at dinner I had a lot to think on my plate than the Mughlai cuisine I ordered.

I went back home and thought about completing the coffee at least. A coffee means nothing, just a casual coffee. Yes, I can do that! I can ask him and he won’t mind, just like he asked me earlier. But he is going to be married, what the hell do I want?

I could not understand the urge to go for a coffee. His smile had left deep imprints on my heart. How can I be so attracted towards someone? These two & a half years, the feeling resided in the corner somewhere but yes it was hidden, after his sudden appearance all the feelings came back to me.

Is the feeling correct word? What feelings? What attraction? There was nothing between you two. My INNER GODDESS SCREAMED!

I somehow managed to keep myself calm and composed and planned to ignore all the thoughts, but he in front of me was making the task difficult. He was always in the office smiling, discussing and talking.

oh crap, that smile!

2 months later.

The project was completed and all his part of work was done. He was going back to his city and was probably going to get married and settle down soon. I didn’t even get a greeting card! why will you get it? who are you.. my inner goddess screamed again and his voice came back answering in my head

“The girl I first met here” 
and those genuine looks and that awesome smile.

He moved back and I was here all by myself. A month later I completed three years of working with my company and so did he. I saw his facebook post of partying with his friends.

I started applying for companies elsewhere and after a lot of struggle and hard work for a year, I got successfully promoted in a big tech giant in DELHI. I was so glad I would finally be near to my Home and parents.

I completed my four years at Pune and boarded my flight to DELHI for my next milestone in life, looking forward to a new career.

When at INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, DELHI I again ran into him. I was at the baggage counter helping myself with the baggage and trolley when a voice came.

(extract from beginning of the coffee date part 1)

“Hi” he uttered with the ultimate surprise.

I looked at him in amazement, my lips parted in surprise and eyebrows raised with the sudden joy of surprise.

“Woah, Hi” I was out aloud in the expression and overwhelmed.

I never thought I would meet him like this.  AGAIN!

                                                                                                                                           Coffee Date 5

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