Engineering Ends Tomorrow!

Four Years of college Have come to an end, we would be writing our last Semester exam tomorrow to be a Complete Engineer, Some have already been through that phase, some still are waiting to be there, After Giving approximately  58 university exams in 8 semesters, along with more than 130 series cycle test, here we are at the end of college life as well as Our Engineering.

WE are cheaters But We don’t cheat Humanity.

We hate study But We love Technology.

WE flirt with Flirters But We are the true lovers.

The World can’t change us But We can change the world.

We don’t have books in Hand But We have revolutionary ideas in our MIND.

We are the rarest common Race on this earth


  1. This describes the whole Engineering during exams, assignments, Notes, laptops, movies, thousand of Pictures and Porns!


2.An Engineer is GOLD, COPPER & DIAMOND, Unaffordable! That is why we are the biggest Entrepreneurs turned Billionaires,(in our dreams at least :D)


3.This is how we complete our engineering, It is a Religion, Pure & holy.(only we know how much fun, madness & masti we do)



4. This is how we Study. Actually, we don’t  but we know it all!

5. We are born Money savers(to spend having our first and one of its own kind of Adventure including Drinks, trips and Girlfriends). We eat, enjoy and Love to spend our money doing amazing things.(NOT on just notes)
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6. This is what we do during the Nights (Take it dirty!)


7.Last Minute is Where Everything lies, right from presentations to project submissions to that last answer you wrote before invigilator snatched your copy.


8. Success is Like Pregnancy, Everbody Congratulates you on your Degree and Placements but no one really knows How many times you got fucked to achieve it!

downloadLast but not the least for all the engineers. I could not stop laughing on this pic going viral all over the Internet.


Good Luck for the future Life because INDIA is the only country where students pursue Engineering and then decide what to do with their Life!

Har Engineer me ek chupa hua Kalakar Hota hai, jo uski Engineering k dauran bahar aata hai,
Koi Kavi, Koi Premi, Koi Model, Koi hamari trah Blogger, to koi Photographer ban jata hai.
Salaam hai In Chaar Saalon ki Engineering ki padhai ko,ki kuch samajh aye ya na Aye,

Insan ek Engineer ban ke hi Apne sapno ko aur Khud ki ASLI Keemat ko Samajh pata hai.

Dedicated to the All the Engineers.
In the loving memory Of Four years of College Life.






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  1. gr8 explantion really
    the whole 4 yrs of unforgetable journey so nicely and some spiciness and laugh made it superb …
    <3 really loved it
    reminded of mine journey ..thnks

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