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The Day I Met You

I see him and his ruffled hair, his shirt is unbuttoned, I look at him salaciously right from his melancholic eyes, to his lips and down to his neck around his collar, unbuttoned shirt, and right down the third button where I can’t see any skin. He is immersed in the taste of my wine looking at the picture hung on the wall.

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The high and low of these roads, hair flutter with the winds. I choke on happiness and guilt, Of living…

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पहली मुलाक़ात

उसे जाते हुए बस में देखता ही रह गया और मैं बस वहीं खड़ा रहा | मैं समझ ही नहीं पाया कि एक पल में अचानक क्या हो गया मैं इतना बेबस कब से हो गया? यह शायद मेरा ही कसूर था कि मेरा दिल आज मेरे हाथों से निकल चुका था | सड़क किनारे खड़ी हुई वह लाल सूट में न जाने मुझ पर ऐसा क्या जादू कर गई, मेरे दिलो-दिमाग पर ऐसी छाई कि मैं होश खो बैठा | कैसी वह कशिश थी, कैसी वह बारिश थी, कैसा मौसम था, कैसा वह समां था | जैसे इश्क़ का अधूरा सा अफ़साना था |

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Theory On Colorful Sky

There have been unusual colours in the sky lately during sunrise and sunset, and most of us noticed this for…

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I have not been able to get my sanity back, I feel like a brain-fried in hormone concoction. I am…

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Coffee Date 5

I looked behind and near him looking for his love interest. But no one was around So I assumed that…

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Coffee Date 4

Is the feeling correct word? What feelings? What attraction? There was nothing between you two. My INNER GODDESS SCREAMED!

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Coffee Date 3

Everything apart it was Siddharth on my mind. I wondered why was I so eager to talk to him? What was so special about him? Why do I even care? It has been two years and a half and I am dying like a teenage girl to talk, to giggle and want him to ask for that incomplete coffee and what not? What was up?

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Coffee Date 2

The bright new day at the office was a great one, we had many new interactions but that damn smile…

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Coffee Date

“Hi” he uttered with the ultimate surprise. I looked at him in amazement, my lips parted in surprise and eyebrows raised with…