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निमृत मैडम और हमारे चर्चे हुआ करते थे । सभी को लगता था निमृत मैडम हम पर फ़िदा हैं , क्या करें अब चीज़ ही ऐसी हैं हम, इतिहास के टीचर और शायर, कौन दूर रहेगा हमसे भला , खाना पकवान सब सही बना लेते थे , नित्य ही खिलाया करते थे सभी को, सौम्या मैडम को छोड़ कर ।

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मेरी ज़िन्दगी पर कर दो बस अपना हक़ ,
कर दो इस दिल पर अपने प्रेम के दस्तखत ।

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मेघना बुझी सी काम कर रही थी । मैं चाय पीने लगा, और मन ही मन सोचने लगा क्या हमारे कर्म ही ही हमारे जीवन की नियति होते हैं ? चाय खत्म कर मन में उसकी खुशी की दुआ कर मैं वहां से निकल गया ।

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To be in love, to be constant, to be someone’s speed dial, to be someone’s fingerprint sensor on their phone, to be their heart, to be their comfort, to be someone’s first thought, to be someone’s last phone call, to be the most important part of their day. Someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, someone to share your day with, someone to grab those midnight dessert cravings with.

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नक़्शे कदम

जीवन में चाहे कितनी भी कठिन
परिस्थिति हो, अपनी अलग पहचान बनाना |
सब से लड़कर , चुनौतियों का सामना करके अपनी एक अलग कहानी सुनाना |

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तुम ही

कुछ अनकही, दिल की बातें बिन कहे समझ लो तुम ही|

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आखिरी साल

Dated back to 2015, when I entered the last year of my College life. A piece of my heart to make the most of the present. It looks like I have been a writer all these years! A Hindi Poem. Hope you like it from the world of 1sha – 2015!

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Right One

She is looking at me and I knew at that moment, she is the one I have always wanted. It was her charm, it was her. I am sure, I have never been so sure about anyone, or anything in my life. I grab her, and she looks at me, kissing on my lips. I savor her defiant mouth!

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I see her dancing, her body swaying to the rhythms, her soft hair flowing down her neck to full-bosomed red hoodie, moving to her little face movements, her shoulders doing the enticing dance. Samar holds her and they both are kissing each other.

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The rain unfurled the paresthesia of nature and the beautiful greenery came alive with the dewdrops jewelled upon the new leaves. Amelia was in Limerence with the rain. She was bathing and playing in mud and grass shelving in the raindrops. All carefree and smile reaching the rainbows above in the sky to shower the magical drops to every single lonely heart.