I cannot stop thinking about you. I hoped I’ll be your genie. The universe doesn’t allow humans to be magicians and I feel so helpless. I wish I had the magic in me, to get you whatever you wanted, to give you whatever you desire, to create moments that you wish for, and to bring any soul to you that you wish to be a part of your important day from the ends of this world, only for you. I wish I could turn back time, dissolve these inevitable situations.

But this is where I got it all wrong. Humans are no Genies. I once remember the face of the dying mother of a child. She knows she is breathing her last and she is happy seeing two beautiful kids in this world, for a short duration indeed. She is crying tears of joy knowing what she has created and tears of pain, what would her kids do without her.

The loving man holding her hand. Hoping his love could save her if he ever loved his children and his wife dearly. God wouldn’t take his soulmate away, he won’t take away a loving mother from her children. He knew his love knew no bounds, he has never committed a sin. He did right by everyone and never did a wrong deed but still lost her wife to the deadly fate. Beautiful little kids lost their mother. This is a true story, this is life.

What if I always have been a good person, always did a good deed but the universe decides to pull you away from me? There is actually no us? Well, I know this can be true and has a 100% probability to happen that we may never get each other. Am I scared? No! I would cherish each and every moment, tiny microsecond, being in love with you, cause that’s how life is!

No one here stays forever, everyone has to go, some early some late, you may never decide your fate or your future. What you can decide is how to live your present. I live each present moment in love with you, madly, truly, and deeply. It would hurt if we are never bound to happen but at least I loved you when there was a chance.

Humans are the most difficult creatures on earth and hence Lord Ram took birth as the Great Divine, the supreme man. The man of honor and righteousness. A man who practiced righteousness until he perfected it.

Why do we humans want to be Magicians even when Lord Ram was no genie? Let’s have a look at his life. He faced the death of his father, and couldn’t even attend the funeral, he gave up his younger years of life in gurukul, devoid of his mother’s affection, he gave up his youth to be in the difficult forest whilst he could have lived a king, in the years of his blissful married life, most of it was spent in separation from Sita and rest in the caves and on foot amidst the sages, where he gave up his physical desires to practice celibacy until the end of the exile.

Sounds painful, wait there is more, he gave up his Sita and also never knew that he was a father to two beautiful kids Luv and Kush and then when he finally found his sons he never saw their childhood, the most beautiful moment for a father to see his child being born, teaching him to able to walk, being able to hold his hand, been able to speak, to live his own childhood yet again.

He never lived with his wife, though he loved each one so dearly. Was he a bad father, a bad husband, a bad son, a bad brother? and was he a bad person who did bad deeds, or did not do right by anyone?

When dear lordship could not spend any great time with the most important nearest and dearest people in his life, nor his children, nor his wife, nor his parents then why do we expect to spend a gala and a good time with people who hardly matters?

When Lord Ram went on to win the difficult battles, the people along the way helped him and they became the immemorable part of his life, they were not tied by blood, not by kingship but by hardship. People who stay with you when you struggle, when you see a hard time, when it becomes difficult to survive are the ones that you should be proud of, people who stand by you through thick and thin are the ones that really matters.

I know how sad you are, how perplexed these situations are becoming making you believe more, that, whatever you wish might be quite impossible. I know how important is this once-in-a-lifetime event for you and you want it to be exactly how you have planned it, imagined it, with all your nearest and dearest, and how much you yearn for this. To be the center of this extravaganza, so that people can never forget your most important day for years to come, may they cherish and enjoy each moment spent in your happiness, and may they remember you for making their day as special as yours, may they enjoy and have their escape and getaway along with your big day.

But let me tell you at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. I love my grandparents, a lot, their mere absence has been creating a void in my heart, how much they mean to me, how much I wish they could be there. I love each human soul on this earth so dearly but I love no one more than you. All that matters at the end of the day is that I can bring a sense of peace to your heavy day, you can rest with your head on my chest, you can cry your sorrows out, you can be who you are, you can share your life as it seems with me, how rough, or tough it is because as far as I have seen, life is known to be worst at its best!

I would do anything that you love, I would wait until the end of the next year if this is what you want. I would make it possible for you, to let you have your day as you wish, maybe a little late, because life sometimes turns out to be unfair, and If a little effort from this human can make your wish come true, I would readily grant it, I would pray to all the energies in this world, to make your wish come true. I know God answers the prayers. After all, he is also a no genie, let’s hope for the best. Until then I miss you so much. I love you so much.

Author: Onesha

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