You, yes both eyes that you are reading, YOU ARE A WARRIOR! You know this inside, the struggle of knowing who you are and what it takes to be you.

“Saneera, Sanee….eeeera!”

“Wake Up! see it’s raining early in the morning”

Saneera opened her eyes clumsily, with a glimpse she saw heavy dark clouds in the sky. She crawled off the bed and removed the curtains and saw her little sister out in the yard waiting for a downpour. She opened the window and the Petrichor filled the house and it made her morning. Her little sister Amelia was still out shouting-

“Saneera come out! It is so beautiful out here, it’s about to rain”  Amelia’s excitement was filling my mind with liberosis.

Amelia’s disposition always acted numinous and it would dismiss my monachopsis for a while. Suddenly the downpour began and with little drops, the entire sky started shedding tears to welcome the new day with its sillage of petrichor.

The rain unfurled the paresthesia of nature and the beautiful greenery came alive with the dewdrops jewelled upon the new leaves. Amelia was in Limerence with the rain. She was bathing and playing in mud and grass shelving in the raindrops. All carefree and smile reaching the rainbows above in the sky to shower the magical drops to each heart.

She seemed like astrophe to me, who wants to realize her potential by being away from the earth in a cloud chariot.

Amelia came to the window and saw me lost in thoughts, all wet she came inside and helped me climb on my wheelchair, and we both came to the porch to enjoy the weather.

The rain culminated with the hot mugs of tea that Amelia made for me. She was the happiest soul I saw through severe times which had just begun a few months ago.

With the demise of my parents, I found myself incapable of walking after a deadly accident. I came to the responsibility of my aunt who was the stepmom of Amelia. Amelia’s dad was a warrior and stayed in remote areas.

I had a very tough time and Amelia was always there with me, encouraging me with all cheerful smile and will to live. Devoid of the warmth of her own mother and father, she never seemed to be enough thankful to God to have made her so lucky.

“Saneera! Do you ever think that you can find the right life for yourself?” she asked me as she was cafuned in my lap.

“Yes, I don’t doubt finding it? Why are you asking me this?”  I  was a little surprised. Amelia in her mid-twenties was asking me about the right kind of life!

“Do you already have one?” She looked up and asked

“Yes, I have!” 

“Is there already someone in your life?” and the excitement is back again! I though had no one in my life and was struggling to get myself used to the fact that the only souls who loved me unconditionally are no more. I was recovering both physically and mentally. It was ironic as the acatalepsy of things were going.

The unborn promise of love from the demised parents was the only thing I thought was enough to live in the world. Knowing they are no more was like having a heart without heartbeats, useless. No love could compare to them. Having injured both my legs, I almost felt helpless but it was Amelia who never made me feel any less of a capable human.

“That is you, Amelia,” I said lovingly with a smile

“C’mon, I was asking you about the guy” She started slapping and thumping my back, and we started playing and pulling each other’s hair just like little kids when we were young we were the best siblings in the fighting.

Amelia indeed was born to a soldier warrior, she always won!

I missed my parents though I and Amelia lived alone. My aunt, Amelia’s stepmom rarely visited us. Amelia was at work when I came home and saw the postal letters in the box.

I was being called to the Army Medical Facility, I was serving there for 2 years and it was six months of break I had to take to recover. I immediately decided to go over there the next morning.

I was driven by the army personnel on my wheelchair to the waiting area in the office and as I waited, everyone was sympathetic towards the demise of my parents and me which I didn’t like but there are certain norms which you cannot avoid. I was sad but there was nothing I could do and there was no love that could fill the void between me and my beloved parents.

I was asked to come inside the cabin of the Army medical Head. As soon as I entered, wheeling off the wheelchair, I greeted and as a habit I tried moving my feet to salute him, hands reached the head, but feet couldn’t move. 

My mouth is dry, and he looks at me not in sympathy but as a useless business he must attend to. He hands me over the documents for instant termination and a form to be filled for pension fund. I look at him with tears in my eyes. He rings the bell and I am taken outside. I look at the papers in my hand.

It read Disability PENSION and the other read Disabled War Veterans and my little warrior spirit died that day.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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