A Nimativ

I see the sunroof of your car standing at my main door. I climb down the flight of stairs in excitement, jumping off two stairs at a time, to quickly open it for you, and there you are, dressed in black, wearing your sunglasses, smiling at me standing along with your beautiful black giant car.

I am awestruck. You look like a prince, straight out of the Marvel universe. You close the car door and you intend to shake my hand or what? I am just dumbfounded at your sight, I see chocolates in your hand. I want to keep looking at you, my heartbeats are rushing as they rushed when we went on our first date and listened to the song which made me fall for you. I am closing the main door and you help me close it. Oh, your mini gestures. I am so in love with you.

I offer you to come upstairs and want you to lead the way up, but you are chivalrous and you walk behind me. I am trying to breathe, you look so nice, and I am a nervous wreck, again. I can’t walk properly, breathe, think or do anything sanely. Oh, you and your wild ineffable effect. You are my prince charming, the knight in shining armor.

You take me out to lunch, and as soon as I sit in your car, you play a song, not any song, our song. I smile listening to the song, I am smiling besotted. I finally take a deep breath, trying to calm down my heartbeats. I gulp a mouthful of air and I look at your beautiful brown delightful eyes from the rearview mirror. Oh, you gorgeous. I ask you for water, you make me thirsty. My indescribable state upon seeing you is a total disaster, how do you do that, how do you have this effect on me?

I drink water, trying to normalize my rushed breathing, and I am dying to see you but also I am dying with love having seen you, it is too hot in here, you are so hot! I wave my hands at me, to cool and calm myself down, and instantly your hand is back, trying to fix the AC shield towards me. Oh, what on heaven, you are. You are my love.

You fix the things just by seeing, I barely even spoke! You complete my sentences. I hardly even have to explain myself. Where did you get this amazing capability, everything comes to you so naturally. Your face is so full of Love today, I don’t remember seeing this much ever, oozing love from every single cell of your body, I can feel it immensely.

We dine out and we order your favorite dish in the entire universe! Ok, The second favorite and I am dying to see, how would you like it? You look quite comfortable today, you are in your unusual essence, you are yourself, you are easy, breezy, and delighted. I don’t understand, what is it? Is it the Sunday effect on you or something else, but you should stay like this more often, easy peasy. Oh, now I love this look of yours too.

We make the order and request him to make it a bit more exclusively for the exclusive witty person sitting in front of me. I just can’t wait for them to serve and how well you like your favorite dish here.

And as soon as you give a green flag of liking it here, I am so happy, finally, you coming here was not a waste after all. Or you simply just hide the disappointment, to make me feel better. I am still wondering whether you really liked that dish or not? Do you say what is in your heart to me, or you just say what I really love to hear from that seductive mouth of yours.

Oh well! You are my favorite dish. I want to eat you someday just like you ate sitting in front of me, the ice cream, the bites, your lips eating away. I just stare at you, gulping down my food, unable to eat, looking at you temptingly. You slurping down the soda, from the straw, I still can’t get the image out of my head. I am foodgasm in front of you. I just run my hands through my hair and I click pictures of you, your irresistible dimple.

We make our way out, and it’s time to get clicked with you. I chuckle nervously standing with you, I am so nervous. I can’t stop laughing. It’s so difficult to get clicked with you without feeling all haphazard. I manage a decent picture with you blushing in each one of them, filled with your love.

I hold you in high regard. I feel this intense love for you, this admiration, this fondness of you growing over me, you are a warm, soft-hearted, and tender person. Why do I feel, you are a bit lonely and sad. You are facing difficulty, but you don’t speak to me of it. Somethings about you in my mind don’t match. Which piece of the puzzle am I missing. I wonder if it’s me, am I the one you are sad about, I know you don’t say certain things, thinking they would hurt me. I know you want me to be happy. But there is a void in your heart too, what are you looking for? Or it was someone else you rather wanted to be with.

I still remember the vision I saw of you when I first met you. I always have visions of people I meet the very first time with. I don’t know why I see them, sometimes, I even forget them, sometimes I even fail to notice. But yours was a striking vision, which led you to me.

When I departed after having met you, I saw tears in your eyes. Your beautiful brown eyes crying, with little redness. I see visions in third person and I saw you and me hugging each other. You are crying over my shoulders and the vision version of me can’t see you. I was taken aback by this. You have been emotionally vulnerable. I wonder when would you share it with me. This vision seemed irrelevant to me until I saw it from my own eyes sitting beside you and unable to hold you just like the vision I saw.

There is more in your heart than you precisely show. Though I love you and trust you for believing in me, for loving me enough to be able to express yourself that day. I am so sorry for not being exactly how I thought I would be, to be there to hold you, to support you always.

I am speechless by the fact how little I know of you. You are very practical, realistic, sensible, gentle and loving. You know this world more than I know. You know how difficult life is, how much people struggle to be fair and square. You keep looking at people, reading them, and you know this world aptly. I would love to see it from your eyes one day. I might learn a lot of things.

You are seeking safety, security and a place where you can rest, where you don’t have to pretend, where you are free of responsibilities. You are a very hardworking person, who values money. Who loves to see people happy, and that day I realised these inevitable situations might be eating you up and you have been hiding it all away.

You pretend you are not affected but I know, how you might be facing trouble managing truckload of responsibilities and finances, that how insanely comfortable and balanced person you are, you are looking out for something else, to manage things efficiently. I wonder what will I have to do, to remove this charade of a little girl and be the woman you want me to be. I really want to help, in every possible way. I just don’t know how to do that.

I look into my phone and I see our pictures. Your pretty face. You are respectful and you also hate getting clicked, you are also intimidated by the close proximity of me. You feel shy with me. I love your shy face and when you take a deep breath and manage your hair getting clicked with me. I wonder what goes on in your mind. You are not half the person you pretend to be. You are so much more beautiful in every way. I love you.

I look towards the road and back to back romantic songs playing on your stereo are playing chords with my heartbeats. I listen to every line and every word, it makes me feel so in love with you. Like I want to hold your hand, touch your lovely face and finally get some vitamin A from your right cheek after all. I look at you and I lose control, like this moment should stop, let me love you a little, full of passion, and let me just feel you a little, so that I may comfort you. Endless desires, you are so desirable.

We stop for a coffee, and with you, my luck turns tables around. I feel so happy. We get free coffee. Literally! I wish when I finally enter your life, may you be immensely successful and may you fulfill all your dreams, I wish to be your lucky queen. Well, it is the other way round though. You are my lucky charm.

You drink your coffee a little cold and as soon as you go on to take a sip, I laugh! I imagine you sipping coffee and your lips touching the coffee mug and all I can imagine is your lips on mine, or how the coffee is hot and you like it cold. I just see your lips and your loving face, trying to hide away how madly in love I feel sitting there. How I want to grab you just kiss you and keep kissing you all day. I want to touch you. Move my hands over your bare body. I avoid looking at you, and you are sitting in front of me, with all loving vibes, looking so tempting and so attractive, you look at me infatuated. I just dismiss all your love. Your charming face. I am unable to resist. I am controlling myself. You just make another loving posture and you lean a little resting your face on your hand and look at me so gorgeously. I cannot forget that moment. I am breathless. I forgot to breathe seeing your lovely face looking with those eyes. Oh My God.

We come out of the place. You hold the door for me, you again open the car door for me. I wonder who does that. Never missing any occasion to make me feel like a prized possession. Making me feel lucky to have you. I am obsessed with you. I quickly pulled in my scarf, which was earlier stuck in your car gate, to avoid recreating the first meeting scarf moment where you patiently waited for me to pull my scarf and sit in your car. As soon as you drive I take a deep long breath, returning back to my senses, all seduced by your gestures in the cafe!

You ask me what’s wrong, why so deep breaths. How to tell you that it’s you. Oh you and how wild you make me go! We return and I am back to my confused self again. We make two turns on the same road and returning back home. I yet visualize another sunset. I can’t forget how special your presence makes me feel, how loved, how awesome my days have become. I know how many times I have told you this. I don’t ever want me to forget you. I want to love you every day more than yesterday. I want to love you like there is no tomorrow. I just want to love you beyond the limits, beyond the first few months of new. I want to love you until the last breath just as fresh, just as obsessed. I want to never have enough of you. I want to love you like no words in my dictionary can ever describe. I don’t know if my feelings when you will feel will be able to justify all the words that I have written here.

You drop me home and I don’t want to let you go and so I invite you for tea. I look at you from every corner of the house. You seem a little tired. You smile. You drink tea and our eyes meet, I look away, I still have trouble with the feelings of you. You walk out to the terrace and as you drink tea, I see your lips, speaking something, drinking your tea. My eyes focused on those finely sculpted lips. You look at me and I instantly look up to you, your eyes, I wonder, you must have not caught me staring at them. Oh boy. I wonder how well you look, even if you don’t try hard at all, I would die if you ever got ready properly. It would literally have me swoon!

Why on earth do you have to leave. You shake my hand and for a moment, I want to not let go. Just keep my hand stuck in yours. I immediately leave it and I give you an apt hug unlike the desperate one on the love day! You go back to your car and your car looks like a Black Panther ride and you wave me back. I miss you already. Please take me with you. I am so in love with you. Goodbye. Until I meet you next and you have to take me along!

Well, which language is the title? Let me know in the comments. Keep decoding until the next one! I wonder who taught me this? Re-read the blog for a hint, or the best, just keep guessing.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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