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My glasses block the clear view of you and all I can see is the formulas and the tutor explaining something. If only I knew this was the beginning of a catastrophe. Had I been more careful! Had I known the consequences?

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Parallel Universe

I get down at the India Gate and find you standing outside your car. I knew India Gate was your favourite ever since college. I wondered why were you so addicted, and why would you always roam about here. You look happy from afar. I want to just keep looking at you.

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I see a handsome young man seated across, looking at his phone, texting someone and smiling. I look at his pretty face, his strong built shoulders and soft hands. A very soft person and gentle. He is wearing comfortable but crisp clothes. An expensive watch. Greeting the waiter courteously, very smart person.

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न तुम हो, न मैं हूँ। फिर कैसी ये चाहतें है।
तेरे न होने की कैसी ये शिकायतें हैं।

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What if I always have been a good person, always did a good deed but the universe decides to pull you away from me? There is actually no us? Well, I know this can be true and has a 100% probability to happen that we may never get each other. Am I scared? No! I would cherish each and every moment, tiny microsecond, being in love with you, cause that’s how life is!

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That day, that day has been marked as the most important day in my life. It was your birthday. I tattooed it forever. 1st of July.

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I am reminded of the days gone by and I want to travel with you again. Whatever it was, for no matter how little it was, I wish it could have been something more.

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You are talking to someone and you spontaneously laugh, and I look at your laugh, mesmerized! I keep staring at your carefree laughter, you are so happy. I smile looking at your happy face and you curl your lips speaking something over the call, holding my hand. You won’t let go.

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आज भी दिल ख़ुश नहीं है, शायद तुम मिल जाओ तो भी शायद जख्म गहरे और बेहिसाब हैं, इन आँखों की नमी आज भी याद है मुझे पिछली शाम की तरह। दिल में आज भी दर्द हो उठता है तेरी बातें होती हैं जब। क्यों तेरी गलियों में घूमने को दिल आज भी बेचैन है, क्यों तेरे बारे में सब कुछ जानने को बेताब है, क्यों ये तुझसे आज भी प्यार करता है ?

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छुपाओ जब कोई सच मुझसे, दिल में दर्द हो तुम्हारे, मेरे निस्वार्थ प्रेम का ये सिला दिया तुमने। जब भी गुज़रे तुम्हारी रातें किसी और की बाहों में, रूह बिखर जाये और मेरे पास आने को कसमसाए, ऐसे जोड़ा था नाता तुमसे।