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Here is the second part Of Break Up, story of Pain and Love, story of relationship and Break up!
Story continues

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Story about pain endured from first relationship. Everyone goes through that hard phase. What lefts behind? Memories!
here is part 1

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I am getting Married

Yes, you read it Right, I am getting Married! -SO Soon, Yes! Are you Surprised? Definitely, You ARE Because I…

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Fortune List of top 50 Great Leaders!

Today when I was going through the Newspaper, So many News pieces made me frown at them. 1. Amitabh Bacchan…

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शहीद भगत सिंह.राजगुरू.सुखदेव।

23rd March, 1931 खेली खून की होली उन्होंने, झूल गए फाँसी पर देश की खातिर। दे दी जान देश के…

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The Black Caps take on the Men in Blue

India Lost by 47 runs. It Hurts. India winning a Cricket match is a matter of so much happiness, People…

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Paintings by 1sha

When the Art relieves you from the Fire of your Dreams you become Meticulous. Fire is the symbol of the…

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Happy Women’s Day :)

8th March ’16. International women’s day! There is no compare to what a Woman can do for you, be it…

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Your Soul on Fire

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!  All of us have dreams, Big dreams, to…

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Meet me in the Stars

Hi, It happens to all of us, we miss people, friends and our loved ones a lot, who are no…