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Lia continues her story to Kiosk, she is telling her Love story in which she describes, how she and her lover came close, she is uninterruptedly heard by Kiosk. She narrates an incident before their relationship started, where Lia and her to be lover are not talking to each other, Lia is confused what to do.

The lover is Kaff.
Story continues.

Next Morning in the Class.

He shows up. I breathe a sigh of relief Somehow still worried about him. There was no smile on his face. He kept himself distant from any of his friends. He seemed sad, I didn’t know what was on his mind? Was it me, Was it something Else, I totally had no idea.

He was wearing a blue shirt and brown color pants. I just to ease of the conversation started in a flirtatious tone.

“You look amazing, in this Blue shirt and Pants.” *winkie*

He looked puzzled at me and said “Okay.” *frowning*
He looked away and then turned to me again and asked “Really?” making me giggle.

Later that evening.

I saw the Facebook flooded with photos of him in Blue shirt and Brown pants. I could not do anything but laugh sheepishly like-first color-of-first-love but no idea what it was a laugh.

Soon we headed back home for the summer fall. We started talking again over Facebook and all his shyness started disappearing.

Kaff- Hi Lia!
Me- Hlo.

-Nothing, Can you tell me one thing?

-Why were your friends shouting your name on seeing me?

How could I know?
-It Really made me go mad, plz tell me.

I swear Lia, I don’t know!
-I mean you and I are even friends, how did they get to know?

Go and ask them*infuriated*
-Ok, I am Sorry!

I am swearing I don’t know, you don’t believe me?
-Kaff! I trust you, but We never talk in class, or meet in public, even I inquired about my subject file later, How come they knew about us?

Lia, my dad is calling I see you later!
-Wait, just a quick question!

ASK Lia!
-Why was your phone switched off?

He disappeared in the middle of a facebook chat and later I found a casual reply unread in my inbox.

“The phone was not working, I had to buy a new one”

Ha Silly me! I am not the reason behind everything that happens in the world.

After our Summer break, we returned to college and He asked me out leaving me speechless.

Kiosk- How did he ask you out making you speechless, he kissed you? *Laughing heartily*
-He said I want you to be my GF, I don’t want to be friends anymore. I will only stay with you as your Boyfriend otherwise I don’t need you at all.

Kiosk-*smile faded upon hearing this statement*
Just this? No hearts & flowers? No, I Love You, No knee bending?

I just nodded my head in denial.

Kiosk- Lia, seriously? Even after that Facebook conversation? *Looking at me in annoyance*

I again nodded my head in denial.

Kiosk- Ohh Lia! He was LYING*feeling pity on my innocence*

And he cupped his head with both his hands and said disapprovingly,
“Continue please,”

-I haven’t thought of becoming someone’s lover. I knew not whether I loved him or not though he was the one occupying most of my time and confessing he loved me.

Kiosk-” Lia, WHAT, you thought he loved you…”
his voice trailed off in disagreement, he started to understand what had happened.

-Well, I was foolish enough back then to confuse asking out with loving someone.

Kiosk- What did u do then *his curious eyes are as cold as ice now*
-I didn’t respond! * I see kiosk breathing a little*

-I was too timid to say Yes! That was the first time.

What happened next?*nodding his head in disagreement*
-Next day I came to know that he wasn’t well and had been admitted to the hospital from one of his friends.

Kiosk- What happened to him? *He is least curious now and infuriated*

-I really didn’t know about any previous health issues he faced. He was in ICU.

What happened to him? Why all of a sudden he landed up in the hospital? Is there anything serious? What would the doctor say? I really wish all this is not because of me? Is this because he asked me out and I didn’t respond? Are there any family members with him?

I was standing outside the Hospital which his friend told me with thousands of questions and fear filled in every heartbeat. My heart regretting each second I had ignored him. I was in shock.

What will Lia do? What happened to Kaff? Will Lia go inside the Hospital? Will Lia accept Kaff’s proposal? Did Kaff really love Lia? What has Kiosk started understanding? In the next episode, stay tuned to

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