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College Days

This is an old poem I wrote when I was in college, You can even find this on my facebook profile. Updating here. It’s in Hindi. About a friendship between a Boy and a Girl.

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Mandir-Masjid 2

Nur Mashal was a Muslim resident of Meerut. He was a true Muslim by disposition and went for Namaz five…

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Story about religion and beliefs, Read here

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Do you ever feel that you deserve more than you get? Have you ever felt like you are so much…

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LIFE after College, @ WORK!

You all are missing your college days, Badly. Some are not even thinking about it, some are relaxing in casual…

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This time on my blog read a Poem by a Sonneteria winner of udbhav’15 & 16  by Prakhar Tiwari Like,…

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Engineering Ends Tomorrow!

Four Years of college Have come to an end, we would be writing our last Semester exam tomorrow to be…

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The Unknown

I knew this face since FEW first days of my college, Unlike other girls I use to ignore him *Attitude*…

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The Romantic Bus Journey.

Dual Meanings, How much we Love them! Enjoy the Dual meaning Story this time. *winkie* It requires an excellent reader…

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Previously on BREAK UP. Lia is narrating her story when she is struck by silence in the room. KIOSK leaves…