I am sleeping in your bed today. Your bed filled with your goodness. I still remember how you helped my dearest friend move. How can I forget your generosity? Who would be as loving as you were? You caring as you were? Such a darling.

We sit on the empty apartment floor and how you bought us your mattress, sheets, pillow, and blankets to help us move and make this big transition so smoother. Oh, I sleep in that goodness and richness of your love and I feel as if I have hugged you all night long. I am so in love with you.

I am thinking about you wrapped in your blanket. I miss you so much and your face, your loving smiling face. I am engrossed in your thoughts. They won’t let me sleep. I miss talking to you, its been days and I miss you so much.

I am looking at the pictures of you and I can’t get enough of you. I am reminded of our very first trip that we did together. Oh, what a beautiful day.


I am walking past the dining hall and I see a big brown puma paper bag kept on the chair. I look inside and there are dozens of flowers decorated beautifully and two-three dozens of my favorite chocolates all wrapped up in a big bouquet. I look at them bewildered.

OMG! what’s that? So many chocolates? So many flowers? What? Why? OMG! I look at them, surprised. I cannot contain my excitement and amazement. You look so nice today and this unexpected gift is making me smile like a little kid and I cannot hide my grin. I am so happy. I just keep smiling and hiding here and there. I just don’t know how to react. That is such a sweet and special gesture. Why would you bring me chocolates and flowers? Though I always have been a hearts and flower kind of a person!

I fill my bag with the chocolates and we are going on a trip today. My first trip with you. I am so excited.

I hop in your car, and I remember how this car has made me fall in love with you. How so many moments spent in this lovely ride are my small little moments of joy. That first meeting rain drive, that penalty-filled date drive, that romantic foggy drive, and now this one. What would happen on this one? I am eagerly waiting as I sit and you drive.

I look at the beautiful roads and I see another beautiful sunset in your car. I keep eating chocolates from my bag and I share them with you. I look outside at the tree-filled views and landscapes as we drive and as the dusk covers the sky, I see three beautiful kids in the car in front of us.

They all have soft curls over their tiny heads, their little cheeks showing their little teeth, playing among themselves and looking at us from the back of their car dashboard.

I look at them dazzled and I show them to you, thinking we would also have so many delightful cute kids one day since you are so so cute. I feel so happy at those little eyes looking at us. You play with them, casting the car lights dipper on them, you catch their gestures, they enjoy and they respond. No wonder you love kids, and definitely know how to capture their attention.

We keep riding behind them and I see you smile lovingly, naughtily. I just want to grab your cheeks and pull them and nudge you on your nose. You cutie!

I keep looking at you and we reach our destination and my heart and stomach are full of your chocolates and your love. It’s chilled today and as soon as we enter I am taken away by the beautiful lit-up bonfires. Magical and beautiful fire flitters all around in the air.

Oh, how I saw your face from behind the smoke of the bonfire, that gorgeous view of a lifetime, lighted huts behind you, the sky full of stars, your pretty smile, and in front of my eyes that fiery red bonfire logs. I look at you and I want to sit with you, blaze smoke comes to my rescue. I excuse myself from the smoke entering the eye and I want to capture us, you and me together forever. I sit with you and I always want to stay near you. Oh, how I was in love with you.

My eyes are glued to my phone and I start missing you now and your texts, your face, you lit up in bonfire, spreading all lovely smiles, laughs, and vibes. I drunk text you in the middle of the night, drunk in thoughts of you. I can’t think about anything else, all my mind, all my waking moments are captured and locked in you. You are my everything.

I have been missing you the entire day and the entire night. You call me up the next day and I run to the terrace to hear your lovely voice. I sit on the rooftop pillar and I talk to you like the magic hour with the beautiful view and airplanes greeting me.

While I listen to you I am reminded of the super cool dads that I saw today missing you. I wish I could see cute kids with you. I saw a kid sitting over the dad’s shoulder with both legs around the neck holding his dad’s hand and all I can picture is you with our kids.

How I miss you and love you, I can’t find anything to tell you that my love for you is limitless and unlimited. How I am thinking about today is that you are going to be a great dad and I know you will be the best dad ever. I could not have chosen a better dad for my kids. Just when I think I have told you enough I feel, I haven’t.

I think love happens with big things, something extraordinary, something that one can never forget. But thank you for coming along and teaching me that my love is flawed, you showed how love happens with the basic invisible things in life, how I have come to appreciate that happiness lies in the small, little, simple actions. I am blessed to have you and for changing my perception of love in the view of this world.

I wonder why are you kind, generous and why do you appreciate all these small little things? I wonder how do you not fall in love with such a beautiful soul. You are a delight for my eyes, and you are my life. I wish I can raise up to the soul you have and be the exemplary person you wish to be for the entire world. I am amazed to see how much you love everyone around you and how you haven’t lost your notoriousness. I wish may you never change, I am in love with every bit of you.

I wish to marry you one day. I hope that day comes soon until then I love you so much and Will you marry me and be Mine forever? I hope you say Yes! I can’t wait to spend my rest of the life with you. I will love you Forever and Always!

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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