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To distract myself from your thoughts I search for a movie to watch and as I watch the movie, I am reminded of you. Every scene, every smile, every line, makes me miss you so much. I close the movie and I just look at your pictures and I read your letter again. I am ecstatic. I miss the days spent with you. I have complains with these distances between you me. Why are you so far away. I am getting sad and I hug my pillow, holding your letter.

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My hair flutter in the wind reading your handcrafted words, your words are heartfelt. Rain drops began pouring as if I am drenching in the love of you. I recall our first rain filled meeting.

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For a moment I can’t believe it, it’s actually a love letter from you, it’s your handwriting! Do dreams and fantasies actually come true, Oh they do. You made it true. How I am reading every word in amusement. You write so well. My heartbeats rush reading your letter for me.

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A Nimativ

I see the sunroof of your car standing at my main door. I climb down the flight of stairs in excitement and jump off two stairs at a time and quickly open it for you, and there you are, dressed in black, wearing your sunglasses and smiling at me standing along with your beautiful black giant car.

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नया मोड़

ज़िन्दगी का ये नया मोड़ बहुत ही सुहाना सा लगने लगा था। तुम्हारे पास आकर , फिर से खुद से जुड़ने लगा था। तुमसे मिलकर अब सब कुछ भूलने भी लगा था। तुम्हारी पनाहों में हमेशा रहने की दुआ करने लगा था। मैं बदलने लगा था।

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Love Letter

Dear Love,
I am so excited to meet you. I thought we won’t be able to meet for a long long time. I hadn’t been expecting you to visit me, I wonder when will you come to see me. I still don’t know whether you also feel my love as intensely I feel it inside of me. I don’t know whether you love me or not, it’s so difficult to pretend that I love you so much, and it’s so difficult to confess it to you. Your face makes it so difficult to say anything, so I hide it.

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What if I always have been a good person, always did a good deed but the universe decides to pull you away from me? There is actually no us? Well, I know this can be true and has a 100% probability to happen that we may never get each other. Am I scared? No! I would cherish each and every moment, tiny microsecond, being in love with you, cause that’s how life is!

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I want to call you, I want to meet you. I want to, but I don’t have a reason, I don’t know what to say, I cannot find a reason to justify my strong grown devotion for you. I am unable to understand this heartfelt burning desire to meet, to talk, to see you again and how would I ever be able to explain it to you?

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That day, that day has been marked as the most important day in my life. It was your birthday. I tattooed it forever. 1st of July.

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I am looking at the pictures of you and I can’t get enough of you. I am reminded of our very first trip that we did together. Oh, what a beautiful day.