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Yellow Rose II

A warm hand at my shoulders brought me back there, I turned around and saw her face Smiling like a . . . . I don’t have words. My lips were open in dismay. My eyes were red in surprise. I did not  blink for an hour. I guess I was not breathing either. Everything stopped. That moment, that moment stopped. Time stopped. I saw her.

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Yellow Rose I

Her name was Jeremy, I nicknamed her as Jerry. For about two years we were like Tom and Jerry hard to live without and totally mad at each other. We played a lot, our friendship came with so many Joys and so many me gazing her like Cupid moments and hugs. She loved to hug. It was more than friendship less than a Love bond. Something I called Life.

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Come Fall in Love

“Aapki Nazron Ne samjha Pyaar ke kaabil Mujhe. Dil ki ae Dhadkan theher jaa, Mil gayi manzil Mujhe.” Listening to…

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Colors of Life

I found this on a blog by a friend, Sharing on My blog, Must read!

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College Days

This is an old poem I wrote when I was in college, You can even find this on my facebook profile. Updating here. It’s in Hindi. About a friendship between a Boy and a Girl.

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The Romantic Bus Journey.

Dual Meanings, How much we Love them! Enjoy the Dual meaning Story this time. *winkie* It requires an excellent reader…

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Previously on BREAK UP. Lia is narrating her story when she is struck by silence in the room. KIOSK leaves…

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Previously on BREAK UP Lia is standing outside the Hospital the next day after Kaff proposed Lia. He doesn’t need…

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How did Kaff proposed you?
Did he kiss you?
No he didn’t
Instead he said…..!!

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Here is the second part Of Break Up, story of Pain and Love, story of relationship and Break up!
Story continues