Mandir-Masjid 2

Nur Mashal was a Muslim resident of Meerut. He was a true Muslim by disposition and went for Namaz five times a day. He was very positive in his approach to living and read Holy Quran by heart. People had a very strong Impression of him.

One day Nur Mashal was walking from his Shop in Khairnagar to Masjid for the Namaz where he saw a young boy standing barefoot in front of the Mansur Khan shop. Mansur was Nur’s Best friend. Both shared a lovely childhood playing and Hugging each other on Eid. Mansur was busy doing up the upholstery of the shop which was not so fine after the monsoon showers poured in. Nur stared at the young boy and then called out Mansur.

“MANSUR.. MANSUR,.. aji Mansur Mia.. Tumhari dukaan par ye chota sa Balak kya kr raha hai?”

Mansur who was busy didn’t listen to the Nur’s Call that day. Nur stepped ahead and asked the young boy.

“Kya Hua Beta? Kya Naam hai tumHara?”

“Asalam walekum Sahab, Walid nam hai humara,” said the young boy.

He had divine power in the voice and Nur couldn’t stop gazing into his eternally blessed eyes. He said after a pause.

“Dua krne chaloge?”

Khalid in no time responded with a nod adding “Sahab bhuka hoon, Dua ke baad kuch Khane ko Dijeyega”

Nur was very happy to find the true Muslim morals in the boy, in spite of being hungry he went for the prayer. Nur came to Masjid with Khalid and sat in remembrance of holy divine power touching his knees and raising his both hands up in the air asking for Allah’s blessing, wishing to visit Allah on the Haj yatra soon.

After they came out of the Masjid, Nur had the young boy, eat full his appetite and went to his Shop. That Night he saw Divine Light in his room. He knew that his deeds are acknowledged by Allah and blessed him with Peace. He got Immense respect from the society for his saintly deeds and Love of people for his true respect and morality towards his religion.

Being a Muslim is not easy, he used to say and encourage all those who use to lose faith in Islam and helped people regain their trust in the Muslim religion.

He got very hurt upon listening to the terrorist activities and people condemning Islam for the leading crowd behind terror was cast upon Islamic beliefs.

He knew that there was nothing wrong with his religion but he couldn’t bear to hear anything against his virtues and beliefs. Nur Mashal used to head the Gully meetings for solving the Disputes among the neighbors and families. One day a Person Jahan Shahi, who was a scholar in the academics and common sense, came to Nur and said

“I had an accident today, My Sister is admitted to Al Habib Hospital. Her condition is critical”

Nur immediately bought a glass of water, drank it fully and asked Jahan Shahi to take him to him to Hospital. Nur wiped away his sweat droplets which covered his face and went to visit Razia.

Jahan shahi and Razia have both been his neighbors since a year and he treated them like his own children. After reaching the hospital and Inquiring from the Hakim, He asked

“How did it happen?” inspecting Jahan Shahi from head to toe who was bruised heavily.

Jahan shahi was a much appreciated young man. Nur used to like him for his truth and strong determination in Islam. He constantly prayed for Razia’s well being though Hakim said, she is  in very critical condition.

“Mashal BhaiJaan, Sadak Par Gaadi mod rahe the tabhi Rickshaw se takra gye. Gali Ka rasta Sankra hai(chota) Iss traf To masjid hai uss traf Khand hai(Divider) Jate to Jate  kahan?” said Jahan with his Guilty voice.

“Sahab inki Koi galti nahi hai, Hume bachane k chakker me Gadi mod diye, Hum to nahi bachte aaj agar ye na hote” said the old Rickshaw puller.

“Masjid k samne aisa kaise ho skta hai? Bhagwan apne Baccho ka bura kabie nahi chahenge.” murmered Nur Mashal.

He could not sleep the whole Night. Hospital wards echoed of wailing mothers and crying of newborns.

Early Morning at 4 AM

Nur dreamt of Razia passing away. He woke up and saw Jahan Shahi crying. He understood that Razia is no more and went to her ward where her body was being taken for burial. He held Jahan closely and tried to console his incessant sobbing. Razia left the world.

Two months Later

“Nur Mia, arey O Nur Mia” Shouted Mansur in front of his shop laden with Spices. Yellow & red dust decorated his shop with the smell of rich Indian spices.

 “Arey Mansur Mia, aaj itni subh, Kya hua? ” said Nur dusting his measuring tools.

“Arey Bada hungama ho gaya hai Nur mia, Jaldi chaliye. Sab aap hi ki raah dekh rahen hain.” said exasperated Mansur

 “Are ye  Aap itne gusse me kyun hai?” said Nur closing his shop.

“Aji vo Ladka tha jo aapke sath Masjid gya tha, Jiski kahani sunai thi aapne, Khalid”

“Haan- Haan”

“Aji pucho mat bus, Bada hi Badtameez ladka malum hota hai,Masjid gira dene ki baatein kr raha hai, Khoob bheed jama ho gayi hai, sab bekabu ho gaye hain. Atanki ka baccha(son of a terrorist) to nahi hai ye kahin” said infuriated Mansur

“Arey Mansur mia khairiyat rakhiye, baccha hi to hai, kahan aap bhi use atanki ka baccha kehne lage. Kisi ne bhadka dia hoga hum samjhaenge use” said Nur mashal very peacefully for what he was known for.

Both reached a mob who was howling and shouting.

“Humari deen mazhab ke sath aisa suluk hume katai bardasht nahi hoga”

“Isko Maaro, ye musalmaan nahi hai, Ye deshdrohi hai , jo apni mazhab ki izzat nahi krta vo desh ki izzat kya krega?”

Entering the Crowd Nur saw Khalid roped with jute loops across his hands and stomach. The crowd was silenced upon his arrival. He was known for his justice and well-made decision. He was respected for being a true worshiper of Allah.

He was struck by the divine vibes the young guy emanated and looked into his eternally blessed eyes. He took a moment to gaze into them and asked Khalid

“Kya kaha tha tune in sabse Khalid?”

Khalid in his bold voice with strong determination in Islam said  “Masjid tudwa do sahab. Masjid ki koi zrurat nahi hai wahan.”

The crowd started Howling again “Maaro, Ise maro , Ye atanki ka baccha hai.”

A loud slap silenced the crowd. Nur slapped Khalid on his soft cheeks and asked again

“Kya?” paused “Kya kaha tune?”

“Masjid ko wahan nahi hona chahye, Galat jagah bani hai masjid, tudwa do use, hatwa do” said Khalid with the strong and bold determination.

The crowd started throwing stones at the boy and again started howling. Mansur stopped the crowd and said “Nur mia sambhal rahe hai Na use , aap sab shant rahiye”

Nur said being outrageous at the boy “Tumhe sharam nahi aayi khuda ka ghar tudwate huye? Aur masjid toh Dua ka sthan hai, pak jagah hai. Tum kon hote ho ye faisla krne wale masjid sahi jagah bani hai ya galat?”

The crowd started howling “Ye atanki ka bacha hai, ise yahin halal kr den aap Nur mia, Jo dharam ki hifazat nahi kr sakta ,vo desh ki, desh k logon ki kya Karega? ye Khatra hai humari kom k liye”

Nur saw the divine light emanating from the boy and could not ignore it. He asked the crowd to calm down and said

“Ise aaj mai apne ghar le jakar samjhaunga, Murkh bacha hai, behkawe me aa gaya hai kisi ke. Agar iska mann phr bhi nahi badlata to aap ise jo saza dena chahenge mujhe manjur hogi”

He took the boy home and all his efforts to counsel the boy failed, Nur could not change Khalid’s mind. He slapped him and put him in the closed room and didn’t give the boy any food or water. Poor boy could not be moved. He decided to counsel him with a better method the next morning.

He could not sleep the whole night. After a lot of thinking, he decided to ask the boy

Why does he want to destroy the Masjid? 

He dreamt of the Allah facing his back towards him with all the divine light entering a black hole. He woke up terrified and could not interpret his dream.

He went to Jahan Shahi and told him about his weird dream. Jahn shahi who was all gloomy from his sister’s death could not answer the question of Nur, and said “Agar wahan Masjid na hoti to shayd aaj meri Behan zinda hoti”

Nur shocked by his words could not respond and went to the place where Razia and Jahan Shahi had an accident. He saw the place. Masjid covered nearly half portion across the road  and road had a divider cut for a U-turn.  Only one vehicle at a time could pass through the corridor that had a masjid on left and divider on the right. Masjid was built on the road blocking the way for commuting and causing accidents that led to Jahan Shahi’s sister’s death.

Nur went straight to the boy and asked why do you want to destroy the masjid? With tears in his eyes, Khalid said

“Sahab mera pyaraa pilla(puppy) wahan Gadi k niche dab k mar gya. Anath hoon kiske bharose jinda rahunga?”

Nur lets the boy go and offered him the food. The boy didn’t eat and went away teary eyed.

3 Years later

All the people from Muslim community come forward to MDA requesting to put down the Masjid which came in between the road to avoid accidents and Mishaps. Meerut Development Authority  upon getting the notice from supreme court took down the Masjid and Gave Late Nur Mashal a Bravery award for Bringing the Social and Religious change. Humanity lies above all. 

During these three years Nur Mashal was put to jail after making the statements to destroy the Masjid and was beaten up the Muslim society. He forbid the food and landed up in the hospital in the first year of his revolution. Jahan Shahi came to meet him at the hospital where he told him not to lose hope and fight for the justice of his sister. Jahan shahi explained the meaning of the dream to Nur that god was annoyed from you that is why you saw that dream  of god disappearing into the black hole.

Nur smiled and said “I know Jahan, You know the very next day when I met you and decided to destroy the Masjid for the sake of human safety, Allah came to me himself and said, You are my child Nur. You are a true Muslim at heart. Your deed will reap you fruits more than your desire to go on Haj yatra. You have won my heart”


Reality : He died in 2013. But his fight to destroy the Masjid is ongoing. It is still in process and hasn’t been looked upon.This is not a real story but masjid is there for real! The Masjid still lies on the Delhi road in front of era mall blocking and causing several accidents.

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